This is a list of undergraduate and masters students I have directly advised in the past. It does not include undergraduate, graduate student collaborators, or post-docs I have worked with but not directly advised. 

Princeton University

Brahmnoor Singh Chawla, CS Undergraduate

Madeleine Cheyette, CS Undergraduate

Ben Cohen, CS Undergraduate

Agnieszka Dutkowska-Żuk, Independent Researcher

Waraqul Islam, CS Undergraduate

Olivia Johnston, CS Undergraduate

Mihika Kapoor, CS Undergraduate

Robert Liu, CS Undergraduate

Ylana Lopez, research assistant

Mark Martinez, CS Undergraduate

Theodor Marcu, CS Undergraduate

Fleming Peck, CS Undergraduate

Jake Reichel, CS Undergraduate

Michael Swart, CS Undergraduate

Andre Xiong, CS Undergraduate

Jonathan Yang, CS Undergraduate

Jonathan Zong, CS Undergraduate

University of Maryland, College Park

Victoria Chang, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Pramod Chundury, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Utkarsha Devkar, Masters in Information Management

Josefine Engel, Masters in Information Management

Javi Garcia, CS Undergraduate 

Shalmali Naik, Masters in Human Computer Interaction 

Lisa Rogers, Masters in Information Management

Julie Romanosky, Mech Eng Undergraduate 

Bondili Rohan Singh, Masters in Human Computer Interaction 

Brahm Persaud, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Brent Schlotfeldt, CS Undergraduate 

Katharine Shepard, Masters in Information Management

Sonam Sobti, Masters in Information Management 

David Zhu, CS Undergraduate 

Georgia Institute of Technology

Adam Allred, Ryan Cino, Mary Gezo, and Jared Salzmann CS Undergraduate Team

Andrew Baird, CS Undergraduate

Eric Bolten, Michael Orr, Joshua Slaughter, and Teddy Stotis, CS Undergraduate Team

Michael Dandy, CS Undergraduate 

David Haslem, CS Undergraduate

Zuiena Kabir, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Alicia Nachman, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Ugochi Ofoha, CS Undergraduate

Shashank Raval, Masters in Computer Science

Rebecca Rouse, Ph.D. Digital Media

Hyewon Suh, Masters in Computer Science

Boris du Souza, Masters in Computer Science

Bethany Sumner, CS Undergraduate 

Ja-Young Sung, Masters in Human Computer Interaction

David Tran, Masters in Computer Science

Jin Yao, CS Undergraduate